Designing in Color (DCo) is a collective of architects and designers of culture. We work to diversify the way architecture is taught and practiced to amplify the voices of marginalized communities who face systematic oppression in design.

DCo facilitates design justice workshops in academic institutions, workplaces, and local communities. We also create digital curricula and design socially responsible projects - all in an effort to dismantle the systemic racism built into the practice of architecture.

Black Skin & Sacred Space
Harvard GSD Black in Design Conference 2019
AIA 2x8: Spatial Exchange
A forward-thinking take on the traditional gallery setting
Voices: Empathetic Responsibility
A Cal Poly Workshop
Small Talks:LA Inglewood
A workshop highlighting evolving communities in LA
“We are grateful to the Designing in Color team, who shared their time and expertise with over a hundred of our staff, engaging them in thoughtful conversation and exploration of the intersection of design and housing justice in the built environment. As a supportive housing nonprofit, Designing in Color's vision of inclusive and equitable communities is beautifully aligned with our framework and philosophy around housing justice.”
Danielle Willdkress Brilliant Corners
Chief Program Officer
I anxiously await each NOMA conference with the goal of scouting talent and identifying the next generation with the promise to take our ongoing struggle for equity and inclusion within the profession to the next level. I was thrilled to attend the Designing in Color workshop at the 2018 conference in Chicago, where Christopher, Opalia, and Rubin orchestrated a no-holds-barred conversation about the relevance and importance of finding value in diversity.”
Steven Lewis, FAIA, NOMAC ZGF Architects
Principal & Harvard Loeb Fellow
“The social revolutions that have been happening around America for the last 10 years are rooted in the racial tension people of color experience everyday. This moment is demanding honest solutions like the ones that emerge through Designing in Color. I have participated in two of their workshops and love their ability to discuss the tensions of inequality and use the tension to generate solutions for a better today.”
Kwesi Daniels Tuskegee University & Sustenance3 LLC
Head, Department of Architecture
President & CEO
All Partners